Salary Analysis Of Certified Information System Auditors

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Require for technology in the concept of business is increasing, resulting in more crucial data management than ever before. As the demand of you also must be is concerning the latest data services is also increasing accompanied by highly paid profession. And according to your famous principle of economy, higher require higher will be the cost, meaning demand is directly proportional to the price. As time is sparing Businesses requires large numbers of tools to their figures. This is why the need for Certified Information Systems Auditor has been increased. Presently, there to become more than 10lakh of Certified Information auditors are employed globally, refund policy number is increasing continuously.
Acquiring CISA qualification is not an easy cup of tea. It’s a big achievement due to the pass rates are nearly half leading to low pass rate that keeps on supplying the lowest number of Certified Information system auditors every year than required, that acts as the biggest reason of highly paid earning. According to the 2012 education survey, Certified Information Course may be the 4th highest paid green.

Few statistics that depict the salary of a qualified Information System Auditor in different years are as discussed below
According to your financial year 2015-2016, existing salary from the Certified Information System Auditor hiked by 5%.
For the financial year 2016-2017 the salary, the hike is more than the previous financial year and it keeps on increasing regarding time.
According to the present year 2019 the approximate salary of a candidate with CISA certificate range between $52k to $122k. However, this salary range varies according towards area, regarding experience, along with the type of company. Also, it is easy to get promoted very quickly as Certified Information System Auditor. Basically holding this certification have higher chances of getting promoted within this company when to be able to other employees of this is equally organization.
The salary of this profession also depends upon the length and width the service.
Salary in Large Companies
The salary of the CISA employee working with large companies ranges between $80k and $180k. And large companies are those who generate annual revenue of around $250k.
Salary in Medium-Sized Companies
The salary of the CISA employee working the particular medium-sized companies ranges between $70k and $150k.
Salary in top and premium companies
As per the recent reports, the CISA professionals have much less salary of $105K.
The overall conclusion states that the above data depicts that the certification may cause a huge variation from the total annual earnings for the employee.

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